Formed In 2020 During The Worldwide Pandemic, Sour Sounds Aims At Independent Creators. In A Generation Filled With Tik Tok Stars And Instagram Influencers, Quality Matters. That's Where WE Step In. We Wanted To Provide An Easy, Seamless Platform For You To Find The Best Quality Products, At The Most Affordable Rate. Our Mission Is Convenience, So That You Can Focus On Creating. 

Our Founder

Recording Artist: Sour Rap

Starting music when he was only 10 years old, Recording Artist Sour Rap was overwhelmed and confused. He was unaware of what he needed, and what the best quality for his budget would sound like. Using some allowance and Birthday money, he didn't want to spend it on just anything. After hours of research on the best products, he finally made a purchase. Years later, as an adult, he ran into a similar problem. He realized how prevalent and necessary Social Media is to build a brand, and with new apps like TikTok, which was gaining traffic fast, he wanted to stay ahead of the game. With users flooding social media constantly, the content being put out had to uphold a certain quality. Again this took hours of research before he finally was able to find the best products for his needs. With so many influencers being made everyday, Sour was determined to make this process easier and simpler for the creator, so they can spend their time creating.



We want you to keep being creative. Our mission is to provide an easy, seamless experience for you, so that you can get back to creating. Whether you're just starting, intermediate, or a pro, just find the product you want and add it to your cart, that's it. We're constantly researching new products to make sure all your streaming and recording needs are in one place.

Don't see a product you want? We're all ears.

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